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1.15020_il_foaming-cream-soap_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Foaming Cream Soap

For oily or problem skin.

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1.15025_il_soothing-lotion_250ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic] Soothing Lotion

For oily or combination skin.

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tube_50ml_ref_1.15075_puralinedetox_creme_prim Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Perfecting 24 hr. Detox Cream

Intensive moisturizing 24-hour cream,...

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tube_50ml_ref_1.15080_puralinedetox_masque Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Perfecting Detox Mask

Detoxifying and soothing cream mask for...

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spender_20ml_ref_1.15085_puralinedetox_serum_prim Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Pure Complexion Concentrate

An active agent concentrate encourages...

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tube_15ml_ref_1.15090_puralinedetoxgel_prim Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Anti Spot Gel

A film forming gel spot product,...

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395_dr_serum-ferment-complex-no.-9_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Serum Ferment Complex No. 9

A superb purifying treatment serum that...

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400_special_lipid_balance_web Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Lipid Balance

A detoxifying, absorbing and soothing...

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410_special_teint_perfect_web Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Teint Perfect

A gentle clarifying mask developed for...

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470_dr_hydro-gel-sensitive_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Cutanova] Hydro Gel Sensitive

A light and fresh gel that deeply...

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600_dr_tonic_200ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Tonic

A soothing toner that refreshes...

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605_dr_purity-gel_200ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Purity Gel

An effective formulation to purify...

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620_dr_protective-cream_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Protective Cream

A specially formulated moisturizing...

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625_dr_balance-gel_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Balance Gel

A light-textured, refreshing gel

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650_dr_antisept_7ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Antisept

It reduces inflammation, promotes...

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660_dr_clear-up-foam_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Clear] Clear Up Foam

It reduces inflammation and clarifies...

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700_dr_tonic_200ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Hydro] Tonic

A moisturizing toner with firming...

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710_dr_cleanser_200ml_web Average customer rating:

[Basic Hydro] Cleanser

A gentle cleansing milk

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drr_basichydroexpressgelcleanser_100ml Average customer rating:

[Basic Hydro] Express Cleansing Gel

Especially mild and oil free cleansing...

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