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1.10105_il_serum-vitamin-c-4_7ml_web2 Average customer rating:

[Vitamina] Serum Vitamin C 4 ampoules

Protects skin against dehydration.

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1.12585_il_serum-lift_expert_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Beaulift] Serum Lift Expert

This innovative care product...

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spender_20ml_ref_1.15085_puralinedetox_serum_prim Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Pure Complexion Concentrate

An active agent concentrate encourages...

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tube_15ml_ref_1.15090_puralinedetoxgel_prim Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Anti Spot Gel

A film forming gel spot product,...

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1.19045_il_ultrazen_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Zensibia] UltraZen

For the most sensitive, delicate or dry...

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2.97020_il_hyaluronic-filler_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Hyaluronic Filler

Oil free serum.

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2.97030_il_hyaluronic-total-repair_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Egostyle] Hyaluronic Total Repair

Intensive treatment for demanding skin.

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310_dr_regnerating-concentrate-no.-1_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Regenerating Concentrate No. 1

A light textured anti-aging serum for...

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320_dr_moisturizing-concentrate-no.-2_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Moisturizing Concentrate No. 2

An intensive moisturizing treatment...

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340_dr_vitalizing-concentrate-no.-4_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Vitalizing Concentrate No. 4

An oil-free hydrating revitalizing...

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350_dr_hypo-sensitive-concentrate-no.-5_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Hypo Sensitive Concentrate No. 5

A highly hydrating and soothing...

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360_dr_anti-redness-concentrate-no.6_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Anti-Redness Concentrate No. 6

A specially formulated treatment serum...

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370_dr_decollete-firming-concentrate-no.-7_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Decollete Firming Concentrate No. 7

An exceptional treatment serum...

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395_dr_serum-ferment-complex-no.-9_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Intensive Serum] Serum Ferment Complex No. 9

A superb purifying treatment serum that...

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785_dr_herbal-time-serum_15ml_web_v2 Average customer rating:

[Cutanova Organics] Herbal Time Serum

A creamy and firming regenerating...

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830_dr_serum_20ml_web Average customer rating:

[Lightening] Serum

A serum with unique lightening effect...

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