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1.10130_il_vitamina_mask_creme_fraicheur,_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Vitamina] Mask Creme Fraicheur Aux Fruits

A fruity facial mask that repairs the...

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tube_50ml_ref_1.15080_puralinedetox_masque Average customer rating:

[Puraline detox] Perfecting Detox Mask

Detoxifying and soothing cream mask for...

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1.19050_il_neozen-mask_50ml_web Average customer rating:

[Zensibia] NeoZen Mask

Soft “leave on mask” against all kind...

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400_special_lipid_balance_web Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Lipid Balance

A detoxifying, absorbing and soothing...

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410_special_teint_perfect_web Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Teint Perfect

A gentle clarifying mask developed for...

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420_special_aloe_hydro_active Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Aloe Hydro Activ

A moisturizing mask specially for dry...

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425_special_vita_balance_web Average customer rating:

[Special Treatment Mask] Vita Balance

Natural oils nurture stressed and...

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s_after_sun_mask_deep_repair_75ml_tube_web Average customer rating:

[Sun Protection] Deep Repair Mask

A special cooling mask as cosmetic...

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